• Ben Alkire

Meet The Team: Layton Hoover

The first intern turned full-time employee, Layton Hoover, has been one of the stars of our 2020 hiring class. Beginning his tenure just two months into the COVID pandemic, he could see things from a little slower vantage point at the start. “It was more just learning the basics and simple things of the company…getting used to talking to drivers on the phone, learning how much you can add as an incentive to orders,” Layton begins. Ready to stick around after the internship, he would start working part-time at night with DeliverThat while finishing his last semester at Ashland University. “I knew I could stay here long term and actually had potential…the opportunity is there and great people, great environment, I like the job, I like the work, why not take the opportunity,” he continues.

Having just turned 23 this past June, most would be surprised by Layton’s quick ascension among the ranks of DeliverThat employees. After his time as a night shift supervisor for almost a year, he would soon be elevated to a Dispatch Supervisor position, overseeing all daytime operations. “I do want to say, too, it’s not like he came in and was just given the supervisor role. He did the grunt work,” Ben Alkire mentions as his previous manager.

Almost an entire year later, Layton oversees a team of six and is technically the second longest-tenured employee in the dispatch department. If you’d like to hear more about Layton, click the link below to watch the episode in full. https://youtu.be/dFYGi4mH5UA

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