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  • Ben Alkire

Meet The Team: Kody Staskey, 2022 Update

Kody sat down with DeliveringMore last week to go further in his beginnings with the company and discuss his transition from Dispatch to Business Development.

Going back to 2012, Kody first met DeliverThat CEO and President Darien Terrell on their high school senior trip to Myrtle Beach. Years later, they would reconvene in a much different setting, aligned on a vision to help provide a superior delivery service to restaurant partners. Speaking about the training upon onboarding, Staskey recounts, “everyone has to start on the logistics end with dispatch…to see what a day is like for a driver and understand their pain points.” As mentioned in his first Meet The Team blog, Kody would soon become a Business Development Specialist and has since become a Manager within the department, overseeing over 30 restaurant accounts.

Reflecting on the past year, Kody has begun to get back to what he enjoyed the most before the COVID pandemic, prospecting new business. Once COVID started, the reality of selling a service like DeliverThat became unneeded, as restaurants began reaching out themselves, hoping to solve a problem they could have never predicted. “Before, we were in a position where we were [trying] to formulate as much business as we can. Covid hit, and we started to gain business. A lot of people were shutting down, and it seemed like our work was increasing. We had to adapt,” he explains.

To hear the entirety of Kody’s story with DeliverThat, watch the excerpt from DeliveringMore below.

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