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Meet the Team - Britney Terrell

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Driver Education & Development is the backbone of DeliverThat. Britney Terrell, Director of Driver Education & Development, leads her team to educate new and existing drivers every day. Driver education provides value to customers and restaurants that are necessary for every delivery. This program Britney has put together is the driving force behind what separates DeliverThat from the rest.

From a young age, sports became a large part of Britney Terrell’s life. In high school, Britney was a standout basketball and volleyball star. Graduating from high school, Britney earned a full-ride volleyball scholarship to Wright State University and eventually transferred to Walsh University here at home in Canton, Ohio. Embedding characteristics such as competitiveness, drive, self-discipline, and many more have shaped Britney into the woman she is today.

Majoring in Psychology Community Clinical Counseling from Walsh University, Britney found an interest in assisting the less fortunate, Britney began working with Pinellas Hope in Clearwater, Florida. Pinellas Hope is a homeless shelter focused on emergency shelter and permanent supportive housing. Britney worked with clients to set goals, identify opportunities, measure progress, obtain employment, and save money to advance in self-sufficiency.

With a strong passion for volleyball, Britney now teaches the younger generation what it takes to succeed in the sport. In her free time, Britney is part of a mother-daughter coaching duo for the Fairless High School varsity volleyball team.

While she balances coaching volleyball and her love for baking, her son Trenton has become an honorary member of the DeliverThat family. We thank Britney for her dedication to changing the perception of delivery drivers across the country.

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