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  • Ben Alkire

May Team Member of the Month: Sade Tyson

We would like to congratulate Sade Tyson as the newest winner of our Team Member of the Month club. Sade was crowned the winner for the month of May 2021 after an outpouring of votes from her fellow employees.

Sade is one of the newest members of our team but in the short time she has been with us, we have literally begged to have her go from part-time to full-time. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for Sade, she has children at home she takes care of during the weeks once they are out of school. A Canton native, Sade commutes about 10 minutes every morning to come in and get to work. If you’re a driver calling in, or someone looking for work, you’ve probably heard her voice plenty since early March.

Our partners would be thrilled to see the work she puts in every morning getting all of their deliveries assigned, often going well above and beyond her means to make things happen. Director of the Dispatch Department, Mitch Keim, had this to say when asked about what Sade has done so far at DeliverThat. “Sade has been a blessing since day one. She fits in perfectly with the office culture and we are thankful for her hard work and dedication every day of the week. Don't even get me started about her cheesecake”. Whether it is her work on the phones, her attempts to wrangle in an extremely busy Phoenix market, or her messages to drivers getting them ready for the day ahead, Sade has quickly earned her spot at DeliverThat and we are beyond thankful to call her our teammate!

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