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March '23 Anniversaries

At DeliverThat, we believe in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our employees. One way we do this is by honoring work anniversaries. We are proud to have several team members who recently celebrated milestone anniversaries, including Sade, Justin, Kat, and Lisa.

Driver Engagement Specialist Sade celebrated her 2-year work anniversary with DeliverThat. In her role, Sade is critical in ensuring our drivers have a positive experience with our company. She works closely with drivers to answer their questions, provide support, and help them succeed. Sade's dedication to her job is evident in the positive feedback she receives from drivers and her colleagues.

Justin, a Dispatcher, celebrated his 1-year work anniversary with DeliverThat. As a dispatcher, Justin ensures that our deliveries are executed flawlessly. He coordinates with drivers, restaurants, and customers to ensure everything runs smoothly. Justin's attention to detail and strong communication skills have made him a valuable team member.

Kat, a Customer Service Representative, recently celebrated her 1-year work anniversary with DeliverThat. In her role, Kat is the face of our company to our drivers. She answers their questions, helps them navigate, and resolves any issues. Kat's friendly demeanor and dedication to satisfaction have made her a favorite among our drivers.

Lisa, our Customer Service Lead, celebrated her 1-year work anniversary with DeliverThat. In her role, Lisa manages our customer service team, ensuring our drivers receive the best possible service. She leads by example, providing excellent service to our drivers and supporting her team members. Lisa's leadership skills and dedication to her job have helped us to provide outstanding customer service.

At DeliverThat, we are grateful for the contributions of Sade, Justin, Kat, Lisa, and all of our team members. Work anniversaries are an essential way to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication. We look forward to celebrating many more milestones with our employees.

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