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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Originally geared towards on-demand delivery, DeliverThat pivoted in 2016 to tackle a problem that most restaurants couldn’t quite figure out, catering delivery. After four years of learning, growing, and executing, that same opportunity still exists.

One of DeliverThat’s goals is to help brands maximize fulfillment and profitability of catering. Margins continue to shrink and consumer demand for delivery has never been higher. There are fundamental areas brands can focus on that will yield higher returns and improve customer satisfaction. No matter a brand’s location or size, DeliverThat will provide perspective on what the world's best restaurant brands are doing to capitalize on the catering opportunity.

Through a partnership approach, we’ve learned what it takes to be successful in the off-premises landscape. The major topics we will discuss in a series of blogs this year are sales and order aggregation, menu and packaging, technology and software providers, alternative off-premises revenue streams, and of course, delivery and customer service. Some of these are easy to control in-house, others, you may need strong partnerships. The goal is to share our insights in hopes to help anyone seeking to take advantage of the catering opportunity.

DeliverThat is committed to educating the foodservice industry. There will be plenty of opportunities to grow your off-premises program in 2021.

Cheers to a year of growth and learning!

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