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  • Ben Alkire

June Industry Wrap Up

What do Wendy's new Strawberry frosties and a brand new NFT from Chick N Cone have in common?

Well, that's easy!

They're featured in this month's In The News episode for DeliveringMore.

Starting out chilly with a brand new Wendy's frosty taste test, join us again to wrap up the month of June and everything that happened in the restaurant world.

Chipotle has partnered with tech company Flexa to begin accepting any cryptocurrency payments through their POS system.

Hopping on the forward-thinking train, up-and-coming brand Chick N Cone has begun an NFT project offering stakes of the company for owners of the Chick N Coin.

Not one to typically be outdone when talking about innovation, Chick Fil A has begun testing robotic delivery down in Austin, Texas. Partnering with Refraction AI, the tandem will start in two locations and look to expand in the future.

As always, the episode closes out with material much more specific to the DeliverThat catering delivery platform. This month's top performers on the platform were Daniela G, Rene P, and Todd G. Followed shortly after were our Set Up Contest winners for June, Emily O, Natalie A, and Josiah Z.

July is bringing some big names to the DeliveringMore realm, beginning with Food News Media Editorial Director Danny Klein joining the show, followed by Founder and CEO of the guest feedback platform Ovation, Zack Oates.

Check out the full episode below. Then, subscribe to be notified of future episodes!

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