• Aaron Hoffman

July Team Member of the Month: Nate Kingsbury

Congratulations are in order for our newest Team Member of the Month, Nate Kingsbury. It’s no coincidence that his Meet The Team article was just published a month or two ago as well. Nate continued to show his commitment towards DeliverThat and the asset he will be moving forward. During a tough run to end the month of July, 3 supervisors to DeliverThat's Dispatch Department were all out sick, simultaneously at some points. In that crucial time, Nate stepped up into roles he had not been placed in before. Taking on the tasks of those that could not be there over the span of two weeks, Nate proved to us and himself that he has what it takes to take the steps towards supervisorial roles and in turn management. We couldn’t have gotten through the end of July without him and we continually attempt to show our gratitude toward the pivotal piece that Nate has become to our team. From an innocent college intern to a battle-hardened dispatcher, we only hope the journey continues.

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