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July Team Member of the Month: Jackie Cisco

For the month of July, we honored DeliverThat Team member Jackie Cisco. Jackie has been with DeliverThat for close to one year. Since then, Jackie has remained consistently focused on being both the best team player and the best driver advocate in our office.

Jackie’s recruiting and on-boarding efforts have given eager drivers the opportunity to start with us very quickly. In addition, her commitment has ensured that all markets, both old and brand new, have drivers who are engaged and well-prepared to make the most of what the DeliverThat platform has to offer. Recruiting is a challenging responsibility. It requires excellent communication, great attention to detail, and a genuine commitment to seeing DeliverThat succeed through acquiring the best drivers.

Jackie has grown month after month through these last 11 months. We are proud to recognize her as July’s Team Member of the Month and look forward to celebrating her 1-year anniversary in September. Congratulations, Jackie!

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