• Aaron Hoffman

It is ALL About Our Drivers

Last week my co-founder John and I were in Phoenix spending time in the market with several of our restaurant customers and our drivers. As we broke bread with several of our drivers one afternoon, it was a wonderful reminder to me that our business is all about being driver-centric, and having high-quality drivers on our team has been, and will always be, the key to our success at DeliverThat.

DeliverThat Drivers

We started this business seven years ago in our dorm delivering almost anything to college kids. Today, we provide professional quality delivery to the catering, takeout, meal subscription, and grocery delivery markets in 85 markets around the country through our network of 2,000 drivers.

Drivers aren’t just a number to us, they are real people with families, goals, and aspirations that deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. They represent DeliverThat each and every day, and serve as brand ambassadors to our clients for every delivery they make. When there is an issue, our team works to resolve it, quickly and effectively. We support our drivers in every way possible, including our education and onboarding efforts when they join the DeliverThat team, an in-house call center and dedicated success rep for every driver, and higher pay per delivery than other options out there.

Our vision is to have the absolute best network of delivery drivers. This network will feature the highest quality drivers who not only understand, but truly embrace customer service and are proud to represent the brands they delivery for in a professional manner. Regardless of the industry, segment, or restaurant type, our drivers will represent our clients’ brand as if they were an employee of that organization.

While the gig economy is constantly evolving, it seems that independent contractors are finding themselves on the wrong end of the stick. Our goal is to squash that narrative and have a platform and a team where everyone truly wins, personally and professionally.

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