• Aaron Hoffman

Introducing the Delivering More Bonus

Due to COVID-19 we saw many changes. As we look forward, we want to ensure our team understands our goal, that DeliverThat will always be a "drivers first" platform. We are happy to introduce our newest driver bonus, which rewards drivers for availability and consistency.

Below will highlight the details of the Delivering More Bonus.

RULES - Delivering More Bonus will be paid out at the end of each quarter.

-Q1: January - March

-Q2: April - June

-Q3: July - September

-Q4: October - December

- Drivers can only qualify for 1 milestone per quarter.

- Drivers who have a "NO SHOW" or "LATE CALL OFF" during the quarter will be disqualified from the bonus.

- Driver's delivery number count will reset at the end of each quarter.



- Complete at least 50 deliveries during a quarter.


- Complete at least 100 deliveries during a quarter.


- Complete at least 150 deliveries during a quarter.


- Complete at least 200 deliveries during a quarter.

If you have any questions regarding the new bonus program, please reach out to your RSA for more info.

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