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How to Order Catering with DeliverThat

Planning a party or event can be stressful and time consuming. There are so many things to take care of in such little time. Having your food delivered to the party will save you time and stress so you can take care of everything else. Our drivers will pick up the food and set it up so you don't have to. Here is how DeliverThat works.


Create your Order

Go on to our website at and select "Start an order". From there you will choose a location and select the preferred restaurant. Then fill up your cart with the food and select a date for the order. After the food is in the cart and date of delivery is selected click "order now". Select where the delivery will be ordered to by adding the address. Next you will add the details of your name, number, and email. To complete the order you will add card information for the payment. After the completion of these steps the order will be confirmed and the rest will be taken care of.


After Order is Submitted

After you have placed your order, DeliverThat will authorize the order and send a confirmation email. DeliverThat can guarantee the order to be accepted 12 hours or more in advance of delivery. Issues may include an invalid credit card or delivery address. A driver will pick up food at selected time and head out for the delivery. The driver will set up the food as preferred by customer.


About DeliverThat

DeliverThat is a third party support catering company. As a separate company from the restaurants we cater for, the drivers pick up the food and deliver it. They do not work specifically for the restaurant. Drivers can accept tips.

We love to hear feedback. Visit our website and tell us about your order. If there are any problems we will get them situated immediately.

Order with DeliverThat frequently? Sign up for our rewards program on our website to save money for the next time you order.

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