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How I DeliverThat: Charles (Denver)

The fourth installment of How I DeliverThat, finds us traveling west to Denver, Colorado. Having migrated from the east coast, Charles found himself in the right place at the right time to join our platform. The company had just expanded to Denver as Charles settled there, making for the perfect pairing.

One of the original drivers in our Denver market, Charles, has seen anything and everything on the DeliverThat platform. When he first began, the tip pool was wavering around $10. It is now upwards of $25 week in and week out. He also had the privilege of being a lead driver for us, educating prospective contractors before they began their time with DeliverThat.

Going on five years later, it’s impressive to see someone committed to a company that isn’t necessarily an in-house employee. Still, Charles defies all norms regarding loyalty, and we can’t begin to explain how much he is appreciated here.

Check out his full How I DeliverThat at the link below.

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