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Holiday Earnings

The holidays are right around the corner and there is no better time to start earning money for all of those gifts. Traditionally, many people pick up part time work at their local malls, convenience stores, and retail shopping centers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many studies are predicting that in store foot traffic will be drastically decreased this holiday season.

Meaning that many of those part time holiday jobs will not be there this year.

But don't worry, there are many different ways to earn some extra income for the holiday season!

The gig economy is a great way to earn extra cash while being able to set your own schedule and be your own boss. Whether you are a college student home for the holidays, a teacher who has an extended holiday vacation or simply looking to bring in some extra money, driving with DeliverThat has many benefits during the last couple of months of the year.

  1. Compensation. Driving with DeliverThat will allow you to have access to the highest compensation for catering delivery in the food delivery industry. DeliverThat is a platform created by drivers, for drivers. Understanding the time and hard work it takes to complete a catering delivery is what validates this compensation.

  2. Be your own boss. During the holiday months, your time is precious. No one wants to be forced to clock in for a shift when there is somewhere you would rather be. Holiday parties, friends and family in town, don't miss out on these memorable moments. Drive with DeliverThat and be your own boss and work when you wish.

  3. Order Volume. Holidays are in full swing like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Years, etc. Safe parties and gatherings will continue through the end of the year and there is no easier way to feed a large group of people than delivering catering!

  4. Delivering-More Bonus. The Delivering More Bonus is a program created to award DeliverThat Drivers who consistently deliver on the platform. The bonus comprises of multiple tiers with the top tier awarding $275. This bonus pays out at the end of December, which can help you catch up on those holiday bills.

There is no better time to join the DeliverThat team and start earning some extra cash for the holiday season! Click here to sign up with DeliverThat!

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