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Friday Night Tailgate Foods

Fall is here, the weather is starting to cool down, the leaves are beginning to change and football is back! Whether you are into sports or not, no one can pass up a good tailgate. A pregame parking lot party can consist of a lot of different activities, music, games beverages, and of course the food.

We decided to take a step back and rank some of the best tailgate cuisines. For DeliverThat’s sake, we will be ranking food types that can be catered to a tailgate. Let’s face it, no one wants to be standing over a grill all afternoon, you want to be enjoying the party! When trying to rank tailgate food, there are multiple factors that go into the rankings, such as ease of eating, transportation, location of the tailgate (hometown favorites), and the weather on game day!

Let’s take a look at DeliverThat’s best tailgate food.

#5 Mexican

The Mexican cuisine options provide some great tailgating food. From different types of tacos, quesadillas, and dips, the Mexican cuisine is an underdog when it comes to tailgating food.

#4 Sub Sandwiches

Sub sandwiches may seem like a no-brainer at tailgate but the versatility of this cuisine can be a sleeper. Hot or cold, subs provide countless recipes that can be enjoyed by all at a tailgate.

#3 Pizza

A true tailgate classic, pizza may be the easiest tailgate food to please all in attendance. Grab a slice of pizza, a nice cold beverage, and enjoy the sites and sounds of game day.

#2 BBQ

From pulled pork to ribs, to brisket, to chicken wings and all the delicious sides that accompany BBQ meats, this cuisine may seem like it should be the top dog in the tailgate food rankings. BUT, the ease of eating BBQ can be difficult at a tailgate, be sure to grab a plate, silverware, and plenty of napkins because you’ll need to take a seat while enjoying this cuisine.

#1 Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

When you think of a tailgate, you think of hamburgers and hot dogs. What is more American than football you may ask? Hot dogs and hamburgers is the answer. With countless different toppings, hamburgers and hot dogs are like a canvas awaiting for the eater to create a work of art with toppings.

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