• Ben Alkire

Employee of the Month: May 2022, Victor Griffin

Although the voting was pushed out a little later in June, the results are still just as exciting. Following first-timers Sarah and Justin as employees of the month, we have another first-time winner. Now cementing the first back-to-back-to-back milestone in DeliverThat employee history, Victor Griffin has been selected as employee of the month for May 2022.

Beginning his time with DeliverThat as a catering delivery driver in 2021, Vic has come a long way from the suburbs of Charlotte to headquarters in Canton, Ohio. DeliverThat has broken their daily, weekly, and monthly delivery records three times in the six months since Vic has been a full-time employee. Vic has also had a significant hand in onboarding six new team members in just the past two months alone. With a previous history in Verizon's call centers, he has brought high expectations and processes to our new CSR team. The new and improved efforts will surely provide faster, better, and more efficient support to our independently contracted drivers.

While Victor greatly appreciates the accolades, when asked to comment, he wanted to ensure those around him that this would not be his peak of employment. "I have tried my hardest today. Tomorrow I will do better," Vic contends. Leaving much more to be desired, some would say, where much is given, much is required.

And DeliverThat believes Victor has what is required.

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