• Ben Alkire

Employee of the Month: Lisa

Kicking things off into the second half of 2022, another brand new employee has been voted the Employee of the Month. Brought on just a short few months prior, Lisa has burst onto the scene, compiling an astonishing amount of votes from her cohorts. "Lisa boat raced everyone. It was like everyone else wasn't even here," said Dan Hoffman, Human Resources Officer at DeliverThat.

Initially hired to focus on a CSR role within the dispatch department, Lisa has quickly made it known that she is more than willing to help other departments in need. Swinging over into the driver relations realm in the afternoons, she has begun to handle driver feedback and check-ins, developing relationships with our contractors day in and out. Vic Griffin, CSR Supervisor, was quick to say, "Lisa is an exemplary employee. She always gives 110% in everything that she does. Lisa is always kind, helpful, and willing to take on additional tasks. I am excited to see her win Team Member of the Month!"

Welcoming the news, Lisa had nothing but appreciation for the award. "I appreciate the recognition and all the people I work with! My success comes from the daily teamwork and encouragement in this office. Teamwork makes the dream work," she implores.

Thank you to Lisa for all her hard work, tedious effort, and willingness to expand her duties when asked. Those actions do not go unnoticed or unaccounted for. Cheers to the next win as an employee of the month!

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