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Driver Tip: PackingYour Catering Bags

A catering delivery with DeliverThat is truly about transporting food from point A to point B. Compared to most other food delivery services, DeliverThat is focused on catering orders rather than individual meal orders. This creates the main difference between the size of food a delivery driver is transporting. For DeliverThat Drivers, the amount of food being delivered can be very large.

When a DeliverThat driver arrives at the restaurant to pick up the catering order, this process looks a bit different from most other food delivery services. Rather than picking up a single bag of food, DeliverThat drivers are transporting multiple pans and multiple bags of food. The average order cost of a DeliverThat catering order is about $300. That’s a lot of food!

The name of the game for DeliverThat Drivers is “working smarter not harder”. This can be done in a multitude of ways, but for the sake of conversation, we’ll be discussing ways that DeliverThat drivers can pack their catering delivery bags in the most efficient way.

First, we’ll discuss DeliverThats Soft-Shell Catering Delivery Bag. This bag is perfect for items included in the catering order that do not need to be temperature controlled. This bag is great for transporting paper goods, disposable silverware, servicing utensils, chips, buns, etc. Packing up a DeliverThat’s soft-shell bag is easy to do but making sure you put the correct items in this delivery bag is very important.

Second, let’s talk about DeliverThat’s Thermal Insulated Catering Delivery Bag. This delivery bag is the ideal food delivery bag. Manufactured with reinforced handles, these bags are able to carry up to 50 lbs of hot or cold food. At a price point of $7.50, a successful DeliverThat driver will have multiple Thermal Insulated Delivery bags.

Now, let’s talk about some best practices for packing these thermal bags. Most importantly is the separation of hot and cold food. NEVER mix hot and cold food in the same thermal bag, as this can change the temperature of the food, and potentially make some food in the order unsafe to eat.

The organization of packing these thermal bags is also very important. Always put the heaviest food pans at the bottom as this will create a nice foundation for the rest of the pans of the food. If there is an item that contains some liquid (green beans, baked beans, etc) always put this on top. Stacking more food on top of a pan that contains liquid may cause spills or leaks.

Some ingenious ideas that DeliverThat Drivers have shared to make DeliverThat’s Thermal Bags even better include: 1)putting a piece of cardboard, cut to the exact dimensions of the bag, in the bottom to give the thermal bag a little bit more reinforcement, and 2). placing a towel at the bottom of the bag to soak up some condensation that hot food pans can create These are great ideas to help make your delivery go as smoothly as possible.

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