• Nate Kingsbury

Driver Tip of The Week: Hotline Best Practices

Updated: Aug 23

At DeliverThat, we aim for all deliveries to be as quick and efficient as possible for all parties involved. However, there will be times when you as a driver need to contact our Customer Support or Dispatch Teams. We love hearing from our drivers, but just as our aim for our deliveries, we aim to have our phone calls be as efficient as possible so that our team can assist more drivers. Therefore, when calling the hotline, we ask you to follow these best practices:

When you call the DeliverThat Hotline at 315-630-3330, you will be prompted with a menu of different options. Make sure you listen to those options and press the correct extension to ensure you get in contact with the right department.

If you are calling about a restaurant delay, please be prepared with the correct Order ID for that order. Also, ensure you have already asked the restaurant for an ETA (estimated time of arrival) for the food. This will ensure our Customer Support Team has all the necessary information to relay to our partners and customers.

For more information, visit this link here. If you have any questions, reach out to the hotline at 315-630-3330.


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