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Driver Spotlight: Wendi B. (Pensacola, FL)

We return with another Driver Spotlight, this week, sitting down with Wendi B. from Pensacola, Florida. Wendi has been with DeliverThat for almost a year’s time, joining when we launched the Pensacola market, back in June of 2021. After moving to Pensacola from Mobile, Alabama 8 years ago, Wendi moved on from her previous role as a Catering Sales Manager with Honey Baked Ham and started a career as a professional delivery driver.

While scrolling through YouTube, Wendi stumbled upon a delivery platform she had never heard of, but was attracted to because of her background as a Catering Sales Manager. “I was excited to see I could still work in the catering industry, without being employed by the restaurant industry”, she said. After learning more about DeliverThat’s pay structure, US-based support team, and the background of the founders, John and Aaron, Wendi signed up.

When asked, the former Catering Sales Manager had some telling advice for newer drivers on DeliverThat’s platform. “Learn the store employee’s names and communicate with them”, said Wendi. She added that it is important to always have a smiling face and good attitude on the deliveries. “Both the restaurants and the customers can immediately see what energy and attitude you are bringing to the delivery. Walk in with a smile, and you will be greeted with a smile.”

In her time with DeliverThat, Wendi has had the pleasure of delivering to a few cool places! Her favorites include a few orders delivering right on the beach, local news station, and any large order she is able to do. With her catering background, Wendi prefers a challenge every so often, and her favorite part of the large orders is the set up. Taking the time to present the restaurant's food and branding adds the extra care and attention DeliverThat’s customers enjoy.

We can't thank Wendi enough for all she has done for DeliverThat since joining during the launch of the Pensacola market. The professionalism she brings to every order is what sets DeliverThat’s drivers apart. Keep #DeliveringMore!

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