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  • Ben Alkire

Driver Spotlight: The Azar Family

After initially meeting in Tania’s home country of New Zealand, the journey for the Azar’s and DeliverThat began in Philadelphia, PA, around March of 2019. In early 2021, they decided to see the rest of the country and find a new homestead while doing so. Visiting major cities along the way like Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and Nashville, they even made a stop in Canton, Ohio to DeliverThat headquarters. After a long year of traveling, the pair found their final destination in San Jose, California.

Their trip across the country was fueled by the gig economy and contracting jobs along the way. “DoorDash, we can do it anywhere, DeliverThat we can do it anywhere...GrubHub you couldn’t,” David mentions, listing a few of their mainstay platforms. Both had successful careers previously, and some may wonder why a couple like this would join an industry like the gig economy. “The reason why we were attracted to the gig economy is the flexibility. We also raise children, so it enables us to work when we want to,” David continues. Making your own hours and finding jobs that fit your needed income is undoubtedly a necessary benefit when looking for new work. Beyond that, the trip itself gave the family a glimpse into what else was out there while they still had the opportunities to earn an income actively. “That is the beauty of the gig economy. You can travel and see the sites and earn money and just have the best of both worlds,” Tania concludes.

If you’d like to hear more from the Azar’s and their trip across the United States, watch the DeliveringMore Podcast below.

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