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Driver Spotlight: Terri Hillebrand (Phoenix, AZ)

Updated: Apr 4

One of the original drivers in the Phoenix market and now the longest-tenured driver on the platform, Terri joined DeliverThat in late 2018. Terri discussed how she initially established her relationship with DeliverThat while searching job boards. She was looking for something to make extra money on her own time and stumbled across the company listing on Indeed. One of her personal highlights was taking a trial delivery by one of our Founders, John Zinno. When thinking back to that process, Terri mentioned, "I didn't realize who he was at the time, that he was actually the owner. That's kind of a fun story always to tell."

Since August 2019, Terri has delivered just under $500,000 worth of food and serviced almost 400 different restaurant locations. She has racked up around 1,750 total deliveries in that time as well. When presented with those numbers, Terri said, "I knew I averaged about 2 or 3 a day, but when you added it all up like that, I didn't know the numbers were that high!" There are also a few significant benefits that drivers on our platform can navigate as independent contractors. When asked what a few of them were explicitly, Terri mentions, "You can make your own hours, and working for DeliverThat, I can take my job with me," referring to a driver's ability to switch from market to market when needed quickly. Terri will be utilizing this feature as she ventures back to her hometown of Oklahoma City in the coming weeks. As far as tips and tricks for other contractors, Terri has some excellent ideas. "The biggest thing I would say is to get a cart or a wagon, because..you won't have to make so many trips," she explains.

If you'd like to hear more about Terri and her story with DeliverThat, click the link below to check out the newest episode of our podcast, DeliveringMore.

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