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Driver Spotlight: Ted Thompson

Originally from Dayton Ohio, Ted Thompson migrated south to escape the cold winters of Ohio and become a permanent resident of Orlando, Florida. Now being a DeliverThat driver for over 5 months, Ted originally heard about DeliverThat from a friend who was on the platform.

“One of the biggest reasons I wanted to try DeliverThat is because they have a 'real-life', US-based driver support team, no other company has that” Ted Said. As a previous app developer for 15 years, Ted knew how important the user interface is. “I have tried some other app-based jobs and none of them have the resources that DeliverThat provides for their drivers”. An avid outdoorsman, Ted likes to get out and experience new places, not only does Ted deliver catering deliveries in Orlando, but he also makes trips to the neighboring Daytona Beach. With deliveries available in multiple locations, Ted is able to maximize his time and earnings with DeliverThat. “I am using some of my income from DeliverThat to fund a kayak trip that will take about 2 weeks to complete with my final destination being the Florida Keys.”

When asked about one piece of advice Ted would give to new drivers, he explained that “arriving 10-15 minutes early to the restaurant will begin to establish a good relationship with the staff. If you see a lot of deliveries out of the same store this relationship will only make your life easier.” Ted also expressed how important it is to “get to know the dispatch team, this is your lifeline while out on the road”.

Ted explained one of his favorite delivery experiences while driving with DeliverThat, “There was one week when my car was getting some work done, so naturally the mechanic gave me a loner. The loaner was a little Ford Taurus, nothing special but it was a loaner so I wasn’t too worried about it. Well, that same day I had a delivery in Daytona Beach and I noticed it was being delivered to an address on International Speedway Boulevard. As I approached the dropoff location I realized I was delivering a catering delivery to the Daytona International Speedway during the week of the Daytona 500! I pulled up to the gate to drop off the food and the security guard told me to pull aside because some VIPs were about to pull in. Next thing I know, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and a bunch of exotic supercars pull into the speedway, so I look at the security guard and he says “yeah those are the NASCAR drivers for the race this week”. Once all the racers are in the speedway he looks back at me and says “I take it you are here to drop off some food” I look back at him with my little Ford Taurus and say “Heck no! I’m here to race!” as they both busted out laughing.

DeliverThat thanks Ted for his continued dedication to delivering an excellent delivery experience for our partners and their customers.

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