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Driver Spotlight: Ryan Dale (Indianapolis, IN)

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

A lifelong Indiana native, Ryan Dale encompasses the term “veteran driver” with DeliverThat. Getting started back in 2017, Ryan has seen the growth DeliverThat has taken over the years. “When I got started, we were still doing in-person ride alongs”, since the COVID-19 pandemic, DeliverThat has shifted their onboarding process to a virtual platform that allows new drivers to get started much sooner.

Trying his hand at other gig platforms such as Uber, Lyft, and Amazon Flex, Ryan became a member of an Indiana Facebook group for other gig workers where he saw a post about a new platform in Indianapolis. Focusing on catering, Ryan saw an opportunity to earn more income for less work with DeliverThat. Ryan’s first delivery with DeliverThat came from Zaxby’s (an American chain of fast-casual restaurants offering chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, and salads) that was a lunch catering order of boxed lunches. “It was a really easy process and I made good money from just one delivery so I stayed with it”, said Ryan.

“The extra income and flexibility that DeliverThat offers are the reasons that I continue to drive with DeliverThat. I can take a few weeks off whenever I wish.”, Ryan explained the benefits of driving with DeliverThat. Working as a personal trainer on the side, Ryan enjoys the freedom of being his own boss and setting his own schedule with DeliverThat. Ryan also is a big basketball fan and enjoys playing in his free time, “being from Indiana I have played basketball basically all of my life”. He also enjoys spending time with his two daughters, Kobi and Skylar, as well as his boxer Chloe.

When asked if Ryan has ever experienced any difficulties while on deliveries, “not really, I have two vehicles. A Prius for my gig work and a Jeep Wrangler is my other vehicle, so if the weather ever gets bad, I break out the jeep and have no issues.”

Ryan has had a big impact with the development of the DeliverThat Driver Application. During the developmental stages, Ryan provided some feedback that helped improve the DeliverThat Driver App.

When asked if he had any advice to new DeliverThat Drivers, Ryan stated, “ Be professional and reliable and the restaurants and customers will treat you with respect, it's that simple.”

On behalf of DeliverThat, we would like to thank Ryan for his dedication and continued excellence with DeliverThat. Keep Delivering More Ryan!

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