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Driver Spotlight: Ron Walter (Denver, CO)

“BE THE BOSS”, that is the founder of Entre Courier, Ron Walter’s slogan. An avid gig worker, Ron has worked on all of the major gig work platforms. Signing up to drive with DeliverThat in March of 2021, Ron is a big fan of the strategy DeliverThat brings towards catering delivery, “the first thing that comes to mind is that there is a personal touch, personal texts that help out your deliveries. Right away, you don’t feel like just a number.” Touching on the dispatch team here in Canton, Ohio, “ I like that you don’t have to scramble with catering orders for the amount of money you can earn per delivery.”

Learning about DeliverThat on social media, Ron keeps a close eye on the trends and new and emerging platforms in the industry. “The onboarding was very easy, I remembered logging in and seeing deliveries right from the jump” Ron describing his initial thoughts of being onboarded to DeliverThat. Right away Ron could tell that DeliverThat was different from the other food delivery platforms, “it’s different from other apps because you do have to create a schedule to be successful, with DeliverThat it is very rare to sit and wait for instant on-demand deliveries.“

“I’ve always tried to be as honest as possible when talking about delivery platforms, so far generally it has been a positive experience” Ron talks about his experience with DeliverThat.

Being a very experienced gig worker, we asked Ron what the hardest part of delivering catering orders for DeliverThat, ”timing, in particular with DeliverThat maximizing your time on the platform and planning your routes. Because the compensation is higher with DeliverThat, plan your day around DeliverThat and then work other platforms after” Ron explains his thoughts on maximizing your day around DeliverThat.

Ron’s passion is sharing his experiences and knowledge on how to be successful as a gig worker. So much so that he has started a website and podcast to “equip independent contractors with the tools to successfully run their delivery businesses”. Visit EntreCourier.com to learn how to be a successful independent contract. Ron shares his knowledge on Independent Contactor Taxes, How to Plan Your Day, and overall Delivery Strategies. Ron also hosts a weekly podcast discussing general topics in the gig world. Check out The Entre Courier’s Podcast with DeliverThat CEO, Aaron Hoffman.

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