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Driver Spotlight: Natalie A (Denver, CO)

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Lights! Camera! Action! - Our newest Driver Spotlight has spent her career under the bright lights. Denver driver, Natalie Oliver-Atherton, is a singer-actress who has appeared in films with Denzel Washington, starred on Broadway, and traveled worldwide singing in her choir group.

Natalie has spent her whole life in the performing arts, so a side hustle is nothing new. As COVID hit and her work as an acting instructor slowed, like many, Natalie turned to the gig economy as a source of income. Initially driving for Uber and DoorDash, Natalie needed more than those platforms provided financially. After scrolling through social media one evening, Natalie saw an ad for an app she was unfamiliar with, promising higher compensation in less time - DeliverThat.

After signing up and taking her first few deliveries in November 2021, Natalie was hooked. "DeliverThat worked perfectly for my lifestyle. Because of the confined hours of the catering industry, I can take 2-3 deliveries in the early afternoon, make what I would make from a whole day on the other apps, and still have my evenings for my acting instruction," she said.

Support is crucial for success in any industry, but as Natalie pointed out, it is critical in the delivery space. "Having a first-class support team as DeliverThat has, takes the burden off the drivers. With DT, I can call in and have quick conflict resolution whenever I need it," said Natalie. When asked, she added, "DeliverThat's #ByDriversForDrivers motto means less stress and more money! If you're doing a side hustle, you want it to be easy and not add stress to your life."

Natalie is a daily driver on our platform and has been #DeliveringMore for over a year. From her experience, she had some excellent advice for newer drivers joining DeliverThat Driver Nation. "Set yourself up to win," she said. "Make sure you always have your catering bags; I never go without four. Make sure to line the bags with cardboard boxes; it provides stability and protects against spills. And most importantly, get a high-quality cart or wagon. Work smarter, not harder."

We thank Natalie for taking the time and stepping into our Spotlight. From her career on the stage to her year on the DeliverThat platform, Natalie Oliver-Atherton can only be described as a star. Keep #DeliveringMore, Natalie!

Watch her full spotlight through the link below

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