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Driver Spotlight: Megan & Penelope, The N.E.O. Dream Team

Megan and Penelope have been two essential hometown drivers in our Northeast Ohio market. Megan joined the team in 2018, followed by Penelope in June of 2021. The twosome has provided value well beyond their means, facilitating over 800 total deliveries and $320,000 worth of food combined. Initially meeting by happenstance, Megan recounts of their friendship, "she was checking me out [at Target] and was asking me how much I make doing this..and two weeks later she quit Target, and she was with me ."

Explaining the difference between yourself, an independent contractor, and a store employee can sometimes be complicated with catering delivery. With third-party delivery services catching on over the past few years, many customers relate any delivery service to DoorDash or Grubhub as well. "It's DeliverThat, it's catering. So we bring it to you..we pick it up and set it up, that's the difference, we set it up for you," Megan reiterates. Not to mention, when dealing with large-scale deliveries, building relationships with restaurants and customers can make that much more of a difference. "The biggest tip I could give to anybody…is you need to treat restaurants, and you need to treat the people you're delivering to like you would want to be treated," Penelope asserts. The Golden Rule applies to all facets of life.

In closing, the duo spoke about the freedom the gig economy has provided for them. Having families of their own and lifestyles they want to continue to live, being able to manage your own time can be the most significant thing for gig drivers. "That's the biggest [thing]. To not have a boss is amazing. To not have to be like, "Hey, I need this week off, hey, I need to be out an hour early," Just do what I want!" Megan emphasizes.

To hear more from Megan and Penelope, click below to watch DeliveringMore episode 12.

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