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Driver Spotlight: Marcus Lopes

As DeliverThat continued to expand west, a market that has had a bullseye on it was “The Bay Area” in California. Every powerhouse market for DeliverThat has a superstar driver and for a young metro like “The Bay” Marcus Lopes is filling that role. Only being on the DeliverThat platform for five months, Marcus has excelled as a catering delivery driver with DeliverThat.

Previously a mechanic for 35 years, Marcus has a love for providing a service to people. “Being able to supply the customer with a quality service is something that I love to do” said Marcus. Transitioning into delivering auto parts around San Francisco, Marcus took a love for driving.

When COVID-19 hit, people weren’t driving which means cars weren’t breaking down, and ultimately parts didn’t need to be delivered, Marcus had to find other means of income. Scouring job boards, Marcus discovered DeliverThat via Driver Spotlights on LinkedIn. “I saw that DeliverThat was new to the area and I knew I was able to provide exceptional service, so I wanted to give it a try,” Marcus said. “Getting started with DeliverThat was easy and painless, the team that DeliverThat has at the HQ is great, Elijah walked me through the registration process step by step.”

Marcus’ favorite delivery experience is taking deliveries to the Moffett Federal Airfield Base. To gain access to the base, you must have special clearance, Marcus has spearheaded the operation to have other drivers cleared to deliver meals onto the base.

When asked what some of the biggest benefits of driving with DeliverThat, Marcus looked to the future, “being able to be a part of a growing team is really exciting” Marcus said, who resides in San Jose, Marcus has helped grow catering deliveries all around the Bay Area.

Check out Marcus' Driver Tip of the Week: Vehicle Inspection, referring back to his mechanic days. Keep delivering more Marcus!

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