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  • Ben Alkire

Driver Spotlight: Linda S. (Chicago, IL)

A Chicago native, Linda found herself back in the city around eight years ago. Believing there was much more opportunity for herself and her family, Linda found that opportunity years later through DeliverThat. Beginning part-time in late 2019, she has since gone full-time within the gig economy and has taken over 450 total deliveries and $230,000 worth of food costs through the platform. “People will ask me..when are you going to start going back to your career, and I’m like, I’m good, because there’s no stress in this because I love it”, Linda asserts.

“You have to have a passion for people, sales, and food, or it’s just not for you,” Linda continues, analyzing why she believes the gig economy is such a good fit for herself. Standards are something that Linda believes in wholeheartedly, separating herself from the pack of most gig drivers. She is often coming prepared with equipment, including insulated bags, multiple carts if needed, and even bungee cords for safe travel. These days, traffic in downtown Chicago doesn’t deter her as Linda chooses to throw her hazards on and run in and run out when delivering in the big city. Not to mention, Linda truly believes what sets her apart has been creating relationships with the restaurants she delivers for. “I always go above and beyond. I treat them like I would want to be treated but catered to. Not just worked with. Because we are in the catering business,” she emphasizes.

If you’d like to hear more from Linda about her experiences in the gig economy, watch the DeliveringMore podcast episode below!

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