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Driver Spotlight: Kat A (Philadelphia, PA)

Kat A. joined the DeliverThat platform in July of this year. Though she recently surpassed her first six months on the platform, she has been a rockstar in our Philadelphia team. Kat has lived in the area for around eight years and has three years of gig experience driving around the Philadelphia metro. Like many, Kat suddenly needed to pivot her career when the pandemic hit. Again, along with so many others, Kat turned to the gig economy and found a sustainable income while providing the freedom to be independent contractors. Though her previous job came calling back, asking Kat to rejoin their company, Kat said she enjoyed the benefits of the gig economy and turned down the offer.

After signing up for the DeliverThat platform, Kat said she was nervous heading into her first delivery. Unfamiliar with the app, she limited herself to one or two deliveries a day, learning the platform's intricacies. However, after getting her feet wet, Kat liked what she saw in this new app. "DeliverThat quickly became the primary app I use to make money. Now I solely use the rest of the apps to supplement my DeliverThat income," she said. Kat quickly made a name for herself within DeiverThat Headquarters and in the restaurant community in her area.

Kat has fostered a great relationship with the extraordinary employees of honeygrow, a modern, fast-casual salad and stir-fry brand. "I love honeygrow deliveries," she says. "Everyone knows my name and makes me feel part of the team when I walk in. Their packaging is very convenient for the drivers." Kat added. The restaurant has often mentioned they are put at ease when Kat walks through the door, knowing they are in good hands.

For Kat, DeliverThat has the edge over other available platforms. "I love being able to choose which deliveries to accept and to plan my day ahead of time. Choosing where and when I want to deliver gives me the freedom I want when driving." Kat added that the drivers could feel the company culture of DeliverThat. When asked, Kat pointed to our #ByDriversForDrivers slogan as crucial to her success on the platform. "When I call in, I can tell the person on the other end of the line truly understands my situation as a driver, works hard to find a solution, and is empathetic to my experience."

Kat ended the conversation with some advice to newer drivers on the platform. Extracting from her past customer service career, she advised, "Try to be on time and polite with everyone you encounter. You will often deliver from the same restaurants and to the same customers. It can be beneficial to you as a driver to gain good rapport with everyone involved in the delivery process, and it's just the right thing to do." she concluded.

We thank Kat for her hard work on our platform during the last six months. We truly are blessed to have her as part of DeliverThat Driver Nation. Keep #DeliveringMore !

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