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Driver Spotlight: Joy Olcott

“The DeliverThat Driver fleet is a true team...the concept is truly like none other,” said Joy Olcott, a veteran driver who has been with the company for over 2 years. Residing in Phoenix, Arizona, a long time “apptrepreneur” Joy is no stranger to the gig economy. Working app-based jobs for four and a half years she has many experiences to compare.

A traveler from a young age, Joy’s father was a member of the U.S. Government, bouncing around from state to state throughout her life. Collecting a total of 35 different addresses in 25 years, “I even had a total of 12 different addresses in a single year!” she said. All of this moving around continued in Joy’s life becoming an avid cruiser, collecting a total of 80 days spent at sea. “My favorite places I have visited would have to be between Israel and Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas,” Joy stated.

While passing through Atlanta, she was told of a great local restaurant. he saw a delivery driver with a blue bag and a logo that she had never seen before and approached the driver to learn more. “I have worked for over 27 different app-based jobs and this was a company I had never heard of,” Joy said. “The DeliverThat driver was super friendly, he informed me on how driving for DeliverThat worked.” Upon arrival back in Phoenix, Joy registered to drive with DeliverThat and the rest was history.

Joy has put DeliverThat among the top app-based companies in the country., “Of all the food delivery companies, DeliverThat has the best compensation,” Along with the praise of compensation, Joy believes the driver support team is by far the biggest differentiator. English speaking staff,

“DeliverThat’s driver support team is by far the biggest difference compared to other app-based jobs. 100% native English speaking support staff make a huge difference in the gig economy space.” Joy explained. “I love the Driver Hotline, they have such a great attitude and are always there to help.” Joy went on to explain that “if I had one piece of advice for new drivers, it would be to save the DeliverThat hotline number in their phone."

“I get such a feeling of fulfillment and happiness by being able to serve and meet the need of our customers. There is nothing like seeing smiles on faces when you arrive to the customer with the food they ordered,” said Joy.

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