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  • Nate Kingsbury

Driver Spotlight: Jewel J. (Nashville, TN)

There are a few drivers on the DeliverThat platform that, through time, have become synonymous with the metro they drive in. This week, we sat down with one of these veteran catering delivery drivers, Jewel J., in Nashville. Since joining the DeliverThat platform in 2018, Jewel has become the longest-tenured driver in her market and has seen DeliverThat’s growth firsthand.

Jewel has been an advocate for DeliverThat, even before joining in 2018. Before signing up herself, Jewel was looking for gig opportunities for her brother when she came across a new platform promising higher pay and better customer service than the other gig options. So after non-stop insisting her brother sign up and start driving with DeliverThat, Jewel found her way out of her previous career as a federal government employee and onto the road driving with us. Ever since Jewel has not been shy about letting other drivers know about the benefits of delivering with DeliverThat. “I can’t believe how many people I see waiting at the same restaurants I am, that will be getting paid a fraction of what I’m making with DeliverThat, doing the same thing. So I go up and tell them [about DeliverThat],” she said.

There are many benefits of being a DeliverThat driver, according to Jewel. “The pay is better; I get to decide what deliveries I do or do not take; I get paid twice per week; it’s a lot easier to travel to a new city and already have a plan for your deliveries before you get there,” she raved. She also noted the professionalism she and the other drivers in her market bring to the deliveries. “All the restaurants love me. When a DeliverThat driver shows up, it puts the restaurant employees at ease,” she continued.

We cannot thank Jewel enough for her commitment to DeliverThat through the years. She, above anyone, has seen DeliverThat grow through the years into the company we are today and the company we will be in the future. Through it all, Jewel has been nothing but that - a gem. Keep #DeliveringMore!

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