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Driver Spotlight: Jevon Bartley

Jacksonville, Florida DeliverThat Driver Jevon Bartley has been a lifelong Jacksonville resident but has only been a DeliverThat Driver for seven months. As a Financial Advisor for Merrill Lynch, Jevon wanted to retire at 40. Now retired, Jevon was looking for a gig to keep busy. Finding DeliverThat online, Jevon did his share of research, seeing that the compensation was the highest among any other food delivery service and that the job was listed as a 1099 Independent Contractor, Jevon registered to drive with DeliverThat.

When it came time for Jevon’s first delivery, he admitted he was a bit nervous, “I wanted to make sure I was doing everything correctly”. Now months into driving with DeliverThat, Jevon has only ever worked one app-based job (DeliverThat). As a previous financial advisor, Jevon knew about the benefits of being an Independent contractor, “the biggest benefit is one that I don’t believe a lot of people think about, being able to write off items (car, gas, phone) on taxes is huge!”. Jevon being retired also has some benefits of driving with DeliverThat, “another benefit of driving with DeliverThat is not being required to work every day, you get to decide when you want to work.”

When asked about a piece of advice for new DeliverThat drivers, Jevon kept it simple, “just have fun, not every delivery is going to be perfect don’t get frustrated by a bad day”. “For drivers just getting started, look past the gross income and look at the overall savings” speaking like a true financial advisor Jevon gives advice to new and potential DeliverThat drivers.

We thank Jevon for his continued dedication to DeliverThat and the financial insight he is able to provide to other DeliverThat drivers. Keep #DeliveringMore Jevon!

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