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  • Nate Kingsbury

Driver Spotlight: Jevon B. (Jacksonville, FL)

"ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE" - DeliverThat Driver Nation (probably)

This week, we revisit one of our more tenured catering delivery drivers, Jevon B., down in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. We last sat down with Jevon in October 2020, when he had just been on the platform for seven months. Now, 2.5 years later, Jevon is a veteran catering delivery driver with some good advice for the rest of Driver Nation.

Through his time with DeliverThat, Jevon has seen the EzCater tip pool almost double in value, but more importantly, Jevon says the communication between dispatch and the drivers has increased. "Not only has the pay increased, but [the drivers] have more control of their routes, and the trust has grown between dispatch and drivers," he said.

DeliverThat is the only gig app Jevon drives on. Retiring early, Jevon prefers DeliverThat because of the concentrated times of our deliveries. "I do DeliverThat for the side income. Being able to complete 3 or 4 deliveries between 10 AM and 12 PM and make a quick $100+ allows me to have the rest of my day to enjoy", he explained.

The former Financial Advisor can use his background to make decisions as a 1099 contractor. "Every 1099 [independent contractor] should have their own LLC", he said. "Set up an LLC, get in contact with a CPA. They will guide you through everything, and it will pay for itself 10x over," he continued.

When asked, Jevon had some advice for newer drivers, "Try to understand the logistics side of your deliveries. Understand what makes sense to run together. Most of the deliveries become repeat customers, so recognize which deliveries take extra time at drop-offs and plan accordingly. Don't put dispatch in uncomfortable positions," he said. He also noted that new drivers need to recognize the trends in delivery volume. "Realize when the hot times for deliveries coming in are and focus your app usage around those times. When the volume is lower on the weekends, give yourself a physical and mental break from the app and prepare for the busy part next week," he added.

We thank Jevon for everything he has done for DeliverThat throughout the years and for taking the time again to talk with our team. Jevon's veteran presence in his metro is always reassuring to the dispatch team. Keep #DeliveringMore!

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