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  • Nate Kingsbury

Driver Spotlight: Jerome A(Chicago, IL)

Our newest Driver Spotlight boasts nearly 8,000 subscribers on his Youtube Channel, Cars and Cribs. Jerome A. joined the DeliverThat platform in July after a recommendation from one of his subscribers. Starting in the gig space in October of 2021, Jerome, A.K.A. DDK (DoorDash King), has cycled through 15 different gig apps in just over a year. After learning the ins and outs of each platform, Jerome's youtube Channel, Cars and Cribs, is one of the best resources for everyone involved in the gig space.

Cars and Cribs started with a more literal interpretation of the channel's name. With a background in auto repair and as a real estate agent, Jerome began his channel by highlighting houses and cars. After a strong push and much hesitation from Jerome, his business partner finally convinced him to branch out into the gig space in October last year. Jerome says he is on a mission to show you can work in the gig space and still earn enough living to afford a new house, bringing a whole new meaning to his channel, Cars, and Cribs.

To Jerome, working in the gig space is all about opportunity. "When asked about the biggest benefit of being a gig worker, many people want to talk about freedom and being your own boss. Me, I'm here to show the opportunity that is involved in the gig economy. If you put the work in, the money is there for the taking," he said. "I also love having the opportunity to meet new people and grow my network. If you balance different apps, you have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and make a meaningful impact on more people's lives," he followed.

When asked what sets DeliverThat apart from the other applications he uses, Jerome pointed to the pay structure, and the customer support team DeliverThat offers. "You can tell when you call in you are talking to an experienced representative that quickly handles your situation," he said. Jerome added that DeliverThat's #ByDriversForDrivers slogan has made the company successful. Knowing that the person assisting you has been in a similar situation, is empathetic to your experience, and works hard to find a solution has attracted Jerome and many others to join DeliverThat Driver Nation.

We thank Jerome for speaking with us for this Driver Spotlight series and for making an appearance on the DeliveringMore Podcast (link below). Keep #DeliveringMore Jerome!

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