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Driver Spotlight: James Bracken

A permanent resident of Indianapolis, Indiana, James Bracken is proud to call Indy his home. Working in the restaurant industry for 25 years, James began to see more and more DeliverThat drivers picking up catering deliveries every day. While these drivers continued to pick up catering deliveries, James would strike up conversations with them, learning about DeliverThat.  When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the country, James decided to sign up to drive with DeliverThat. 

James’ transition to being a catering delivery driver with DeliverThat was very easy. “Being in the restaurant industry helped, because I was familiar with handling food and setting up catering deliveries”. Driving with other food delivery services helped James during his onboarding with DeliverThat, but he quickly found that DeliverThat was different. “This company is way more organized, the dispatch team at DeliverThat is far superior to the competition, and the overall support provided is outstanding,” said James. He also believes that DeliverThat’s technology will continue to evolve. “The app continues to improve with every update and the routing or stacking of catering deliveries by the dispatch team has improved as well”.

James is also a fan of his free time, and appreciates having the flexibility to decided when he wants to take catering deliveries for DeliverThat. “The biggest benefit is working when you want, which ensures you have time for your private and family life”, he said. (not sure what this adds to the profile. Maybe word it differently. I like to stay positive! 

Although a relatively new driver with DeliverThat, James has made himself a name in the DeliverThat driver world. When asked about one piece of advice he would give to new drivers, James recalled his time in the restaurant industry. “Be patient with the restaurant, because as a driver you never know what kind of challenges the kitchen might be going through”. 

James’ favorite aspect of driving with DeliverThat is “providing meals to groups of people during the pandemic. Because of COVID, a lot of celebrations had to be canceled, so it’s refreshing to take deliveries to graduation parties and see people still enjoying themselves.” It is people like James who continue to move our country out of the shadow of this pandemic and return civilization back to normal. Keep #DeliveringMore James!

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