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Driver Spotlight: Felipe, Miami

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Bringing all the energy to DeliveringMore last week, Felipe from Miami joined Tristan and Ben. Having run over 300 catering deliveries and $50,000 worth of food in just a year, Felipe caught on quickly, and the vibes were contagious.

Initially diving into the catering delivery industry through another company, Felipe knew there had to be someone doing bigger and better things. Beginning down memory lane, Felipe recounts his start with DeliverThat. “I picked up at 8 am as soon as I woke up and [called]...I saw your website, and I paid the admission fee. How can I get online? 15 minutes, you guys called me back, and that same day I had three orders,” he explains. That would catalyze the relationship moving forward over the next year.

Drivers who navigate the DeliverThat platform successfully often create relationships with restaurants they find themselves at consistently. Those who show up on time, prepared, and ready to go the extra mile always find themselves in situations that can be navigated for their own good fortune. Felipe’s circumstance was not much different, and all it took was one accidental phone call to a catering manager to set himself apart.

“Shoutout to Alicia and Coyo Taco…One day by accident, they put her phone number instead of the customer’s phone number. So I called her, and she was like “wrong person,” but of course, I can help you, I’m the catering manager...the next day she was like “do you want to do this order for us, can I refer you?” and since that day it’s been a beautiful relationship. She has helped me out a lot, and of course, it’s amazing...that such an important restaurant like that in Miami wants me to deliver their food every time.”

Watch the full episode below to hear more from Felipe about his time as a catering delivery driver and the DeliverThat platform.

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