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Driver Spotlight: David Smith

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

David Smith, a former Navy Petty Officer, is a California native. Residing in Los Angeles, he has driven with DeliverThat since the launch in 2019. “I found DeliverThat online and thought it looked interesting so I gave it a try,” David said. “DeliverThat was only meant to be a part-time job, but after the first couple of days, I really enjoyed the job.”

“I don’t have to work in an office all day long and I love that,” David explained as he recalled his days as a security dispatcher. “There would be some nights where I would be sitting behind a desk all night and finally get a call about a field job, I would throw on my uniform and head out there myself just to get out of the office,” David explained that the new experiences every day are what makes driving for DeliverThat so enjoyable.

David has been a pivotal part of DeliverThat’s California expansion. Recently David drove from Los Angeles to San Jose to assist some of DeliverThat’s newest drivers. Providing tips, tricks, and resources that he has found most useful while on the DeliverThat platform. While in San Jose, David assisted these new drivers with a large delivery, “had no idea where I was going, we ended up taking a catering delivery to a NASA base.”

When asked what makes DeliverThat different from other app-based companies, he explained that “the communication with the dispatch department is the most important thing about this gig.” With drivers being the heartbeat of every delivery service, DeliverThat prides itself on the support provided to the fleet.

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