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Driver Spotlight: Chris Pittman

The Tampa, Florida DeliverThat legend known as Chris Pittman has been driving with DeliverThat since Tampa’s launch back in 2018. Originally from Hampton Roads Virginia, Chris moved south to sunny Florida about 17 years ago to escape the cold weather.

Now driving with DeliverThat full time, Chris originally found a DeliverThat Catering Driver position on multiple different online job boards. Seeing that DeliverThat was new to the area, Chris was interested in the position and signed up to deliver in the greater Tampa area. As Chris began delivering with DeliverThat, his original onboarding call came from DeliverThat co-founder, John Zinno. “It was a cool experience looking back at it, how often can you say that a co-founder of a company got you started,” said Chris.

He recalls his first delivery being a bit odd “my first catering delivery was a small order of 12 muffins, cut in half, I had never seen anything like it”. Soon after that, Chris got started with Tampa restaurant powerhouse Moe’s Southwest Grill and hasn't looked back since. After years of driving on the DeliverThat platform, many new partners have come on board with DeliverThat, “I love delivering for Zoe’s Mediterranean Kitchen, the team mentality Zoe’s has towards DeliverThat drivers is something you rarely see. Their staff is always on point and on time and it is hard to beat the atmosphere when you walk into a Zoe’s Kitchen”.

“Driving for DeliverThat has been an awesome journey, I have seen many positive policies and procedures put in place over the years,” said Chris. When asked what the biggest benefit of driving with DeliverThat, Chris rattled off many points “The flexibility is awesome, the fact that you can truly be your own boss by choosing when you want to work and which deliveries you want to take.” Chris being a veteran driver, he had some great advice to new drivers on the DeliverThat platform, “Don't assume you have everything for your catering order and don’t be afraid to ask the restaurant for more paper goods and utensils”. When asked what the most difficult aspect of delivering catering orders, Chris said “unexpected delays at the restaurant. When you are running multiple deliveries and a delay at a restaurant happens, it's tough to account for that and make your delivery window that much tighter.”

When asked about his favorite delivery experience, Chris recalled a $4,000 Boston Market delivery that Chris and two other drivers triple-teamed together. “The delivery was for the Philadelphia Phillies while they were in spring training down in Clearwater. It was a ton of food that we kept shuttling in. It was a great display of teamwork by us drivers and a cool experience to deliver food for a professional baseball team.”

Chris closed with a general wrap up about DeliverThat for people interested in joining the team, “DeliverThat is a great opportunity to earn some extra income. The platform is a fair compensation model for gig workers looking to get started.”

DeliverThat would like to thank Chris for his years of dedication to DeliverThat and continued professionalism. Keep #DeliveringMore Chris!

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