• Ben Alkire

Driver SpotLight: Chris P (Tampa, Fl)

With 15 years of previous restaurant management experience, Chris joined the DeliverThat platform in the second half of 2019. He quickly became acclimated on the platform and noticed that “it’s really all mornings…6 o'clock and you’re usually done by noon and then you’re free”, showing his appreciation of being able to control his own schedule. Chris is one of the most consistent drivers in the greater Tampa metro, so much so that he has delivered over $450,000 worth of food by taking over 1,900 total deliveries through November of 2021.

Noting himself that the Tampa market is extremely expansive, stretching from St. Pete through Brandon and Wesley Chapel, Chris enjoys taking all types of deliveries, but strongly prefers ones that are longer in distance. He also has come to love ezCater deliveries because of the guaranteed tips. “The tip pool is a lot higher now. When I started it used to be about $9…last pay summary was above $20. Anytime you can make $35 in 30 minutes, [that’s a good pay] hands down”, he says. The average payout on the DeliverThat platform sits right around $30 currently, a fairly good value for 30 minutes of your time.

If you'd like to hear more about Chris and his story with DeliverThat, click the link below to check out the newest episode of our podcast, DeliveringMore.

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