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  • Ben Alkire

Driver Spotlight: Chad from GigTube

GigTube is a gig economy-based podcast started by Chad Polenz about three years ago. Now boasting just under fifteen thousand subscribers, you can find videos highlighting platforms like DoorDash, Instacart, DeliverThat, and many more. While still staying active on all of these platforms, Chad also hosts a weekly news segment, “This Week’s Gig News,” speaking on current events within the gig world.

Most gig workers spend time operating on multiple platforms. Chad does also believe that “If you’re in San Diego, or Denver, New York, something like that, you could probably get by just doing Instacart, or just DoorDash or just UberEats…if money were no issue, I would probably just do one app.” However, he does mention that he enjoys the variety of moving between delivery apps. Communication can be a significant factor in a delivery going bad, okay or perfectly. When it comes to that factor specifically, Chad relays, “DeliverThat probably has the best support. It’s all American-based…with DeliverThat, it’s pretty quick.”

If you would like to hear more from Chad about delivery platforms or the gig economy, you can find him on all social media platforms at gigtube or gig_tube. You can also click the video below to watch episode 9 of the DeliveringMore podcast.

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