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  • Ben Alkire

Driver Spotlight: Bob From LA

Our newest guest on DeliveringMore this past week was Bob from LA. Over the past fifteen years, Bob spent his time as a talk show producer, having had his hands on major shows like Goodmorning America and some lesser-known ventures. Bob excitedly mentions, "I conducted thousands of interviews. This is the first time I've actually been interviewed." Towards the beginning of COVID, the company Bob worked for would end up being sold, and after some consultant work, he found himself within the gig space.

Having now facilitated over 250 deliveries and $110,000 worth of food costs in just the last four months of 2021 on the DeliverThat platform, Bob consistently finds himself a top earner with the company. He believes a significant attribute that has been the catalyst to his success is simply reaching out to the customers. "Every delivery I would make, I would reach out to the customer. I would introduce myself…letting you know I'm on the way to the restaurant. While I'm there, is there anything extra I can get you? Just let me know. And that was the difference," he details. Displaying a key factor of customer service not typically seen from delivery drivers in this space.

If you're a driver on the DeliverThat platform or any other, Bob does have a few tips and tricks:

  1. Reach out to the Customer. Establish a relationship with the individual you're delivering to. Ask for information on parking, unloading, etc.

  2. Catch & Release. Specific to the DeliverThat app, accept any delivery you are sent. Check it out, and see if it fits you. If not, send it back.

  3. Make Friends with other drivers. If you have a problem, you have drivers you can send your deliveries to. These individuals can also be those you reach out to for other tips when you need them.

  4. Ask the right questions. When provided an invoice for a tip, don't just ask the customer to sign it. Ask them, "Can you total this up for me?" Possibly implying they will look at the total and leave a tip without being pestered.

  5. Ask for incentives when needed. If you have a delivery that you can make, but it isn't necessarily worth your time, ask if anything else can be added. Most times, something can be done to accommodate your needs.

If you want to hear more from Bob and the DeliveringMore crew, check out the full episode below.

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