• Aaron Hoffman

DeliverThat Driver Pain Points Relief

DeliverThat's ultimate goal is to provide catering drivers with an excellent delivery experience. Including ease of delivery, lucrative compensation, and resources to make the DeliverThat platform the best on the market. Just like anything in life, there are unpredictable situations that arise from day-to-day. It is DeliverThat's internal team to be a resource for our drivers if all else fails.

DeliverThat was established by drivers, for drivers and one of the biggest pain points in the food delivery space is the lack of communication from the platform itself to the driver. Delivery details, including the correct address, contact info, parking and instructions, delivery instructions, etc... are regularly neglected when passing this info along to the delivery driver. DeliverThat is here to make sure that all special delivery instructs/contacts are passed along to the driver to make their delivery as painless as possible. If any additional info is needed to complete the delivery? DeliverThat has a Driver Hotline available to call and or text for any assistance possible.

DeliverThat has a Driver Hotline that can be reached via phone call or text message 24/7. While live assistance may not always be able to answer your call at any hour of the day, DeliverThat's Driver Hotline is able to receive text messages and voicemails if no one is there to answer your call.

Another resource made available to DeliverThat Drivers is the Driver Assistance Portal. This is an extension of the DeliverThat Website that houses a library of educational and general info for DeliverThat Drivers. Troubleshooting info, payment info, downloadable driver material, assistance videos, and many more can all be found on the Driver Assistance Portal to make DeliverThat Driver's experience as smooth as possible. Located on the "Troubleshooting" page are some of DeliverThat Driver's most frequently asked questions when it comes to the DeliverThat platform, check them out now!

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