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3 Tiered Delivery Strategy

This system will allow any restaurant to focus on the standards that are most important to the brand. Goals may include: brand representation, establishing a customer base, increasing order capacity, or simply keeping existing customers, the 3 tiered delivery method will set the framework to hit every goal.

There are 3 tiers that should be adhered to in every restaurant delivery ecosystem. The way the system is used should not be modified and the use of each tier should be consistent throughout the brand. However, the brand’s choice lies within the delivery facilitators/options instead of the tiers.

3 Tiers


  • Used 80-100% of the time

  • Typically DaaS or Restaurant Employees

  • High trust level in the service

  • Great understanding of your brand and brand’s expectations

  • Handles VIP orders when necessary


  • Used 10-20% or less

  • Typically Restaurant Employees or DaaS

  • High trust level in the service

  • Great understanding of your brand and brand’s expectations

  • Handles VIP orders when necessary


  • Used when the primary and secondary delivery option cannot handle the delivery

  • Holiday influx, last-minute delivery requests, etc

  • Typically a 3pd or marketplace

  • Plenty of coverage - lower expectations on service principles

  • Solve last-second coverage issues, “I need a driver NOW”.

  • Will get your delivery from point A to B but may not deliver as your employees would

The delivery options can be chosen based on many factors including consistency, store coverage, price, and quality. Depending on the brand’s goals, the choices for each tier will be clear.

Delivery Options

Prescheduled - DaaS

  • Delivery as a Service will provide high quality and/or restaurant educated drivers to fulfill deliveries. They may not be able to handle 100% of your volume, but the volume they handle will be completed in a manner you would expect from your own employed driver. Less expensive due to their lack of reliance on technology.

Marketplace/On-Demand 3rd Party Delivery

  • Marketplaces source orders and have a goal to obtain as many customers as possible. They are a vital revenue channel for any restaurant brand and most offer some level of delivery as a service. This service is typically pricier than having an in-house driver and may not perform up to the restaurant’s standards.

Restaurant employees/W-2 Drivers

  • Expensive option to maintain unless drivers bring value elsewhere to the brand, ie: dishwashing. Best used for backup in the morning to help handle last-minute orders and to fix any issue that a delivery service may create. VIP orders can be a great way to utilize restaurant employees.

To create a winning delivery strategy, backups are important when restaurants are faced with last-minute orders or problems. The 3 Tier Delivery Strategy will provide brands the confidence necessary to execute and sell more catering.

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