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5 Pillars of Food Safety

Food safety is the cornerstone of fast-casual establishments, this directly carries over to food delivery services. Without food safety, there would be no delivery available. Execution and compliance of the 5 pillars below will set up food delivery drivers for success.


A sanitary catering spread starts with the supplier. In DeliverThat’s world, the supplier is the restaurant. Trusting that all equipment provided to the DeliverThat Catering Delivery Driver is kept in a clean and sanitary environment.


Preparing food for catering is no different than preparing food for any restaurant. Restaurant employees must follow standard food sanitation procedures like regular hand washing and using gloves to avoid cross-contamination. Foods thawing for transport must be kept away from raw foods and no wood must be used in the preparation of food. A common practice emerging in catering is tamper-proof packaging. This will ensure that the food being prepared properly remains in the same state.


This is the most important pillar for DeliverThat catering delivery drivers, as “sanitary transport” is directly correlated to DeliverThat. Clean catering delivery bags are essential for transportation. Cleaning catering delivery bags regularly to remove spilled food residue. Regular cleaning of catering delivery driver’s vehicles is just as important. Wagons or carts also must be cleaned to ensure sanitary food transportation. Tamper-proof packaging will assist in sanitary transportation.


Temperature controls must be maintained throughout the entire catering event, so caterers must have the proper equipment on hand for that proper serving. Insulated catering delivery bags are crucial for maintaining proper food temperature. Chafing dishes and sternos can keep hot foods at the right temperature. All serving dishes must have their own utensils. Depending on local laws, a sneeze guard might need to be employed.


Finally, DeliverThat catering delivery drivers are required to document their setup at the drop off destination. This is done by taking a picture with the DeliverThat application. Through this picture, DeliverThat drivers are providing insurance on themselves and the catering spread. The documentation of the final catering set up should include the previous 4 pillars, sanitary suppliers, sanitary preparation, sanitary transport, and sanitary serving.

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