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Operator Spotlight: Boston Market (Dallas)

Customer experience is a large priority for Golden, Colo.-based Boston Market, the 364-unit restaurant chain whose customers rely on the company’s slow-roasted rotisserie chicken and side items to feed large family gatherings and corporate lunches.

Their customer focus is such a priority, the chain’s Dallas-based franchise arm partnered with DeliverThat in January 2019 to provide catering-specific delivery and set up for catering clients across 10 restaurant locations in the region. So far, DeliverThat’s contracted drivers have delivered an estimated 190 catering orders, with many more to come.

Boston Market’s catering operations supervisor, Richard Prochaska said he first connected with DeliverThat in January 2019 through company president, Darien Terrell. Since that time, DeliverThat’s contracted drivers have delivered more than $1.3M worth of food for the chain.

Prochaska said they love working with DeliverThat based on several factors. Specifically, the levels of company professionalism and support.

“Having a direct contact on DeliverThat’s Restaurant Relations team makes a big difference when a problem occurs,” Prockasaka said. “I am also impressed with the DeliverThat hotline. The hotline understands the problems when I call and are quick to resolve them when they occur.”

DeliverThat’s contracted drivers handle large catering orders for the brand and their ability to deliver and set up those orders on time also makes a huge difference. “They are much more professional than other third-party carriers I have used,” Prochasaka said.

Overall, Prochasaka said that while he doesn’t have one catering delivery experience that outshines the others; he can’t stress enough how much he appreciates having a support center that understands his issues and works thoroughly to resolve them.

“If I ever need help on an order, I call them first,” he said.

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