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Gratuity is a large topic in the delivery and catering industry. Requiring a setup, catering is different in nature than typical food delivery. Catering delivery has significantly more work involved. With DeliverThat, our drivers follow instructions from Restaurant Partners, for required set-ups and directions from customers on where the food is to be set up. Delivering catering can be a lot of work, along with the restaurant's required dress code and making sure we follow the customer service guidelines all with a smile on our faces. The question still remains, are customers obligated to tip? These questions will most likely never have an agreed-upon answer. Many have strong opinions about mandated gratuity, especially those who are working in a service field, where tips make a large portion of their commission. Yet, until the world changes and gratuities are mandated, the debate will go on. Drivers are still able to earn gratuity without being confrontational in regards to the process. With that being said, let's talk about some tips about tips.

Never solicit tips. Asking for tips from a customer is highly frowned upon. Customers do not like it and restaurant partners find it to be problematic as well. Soliciting tips is an uncomfortable situation for the client. The gratuity may already be applied. It may be provided to the driver in cash after the delivery happens, or tips could be written on the receipt after the food is delivered. We never know the customer’s intention or the restaurant's process. This may be a new client unsure of the process and our attitude here will make or break the relationship.

Tips are a gift, not a right. Every person has a philosophy about gratuity, how they should tip and what is appropriate in each scenario. Tips given are a gift from the customer and should not be expected. When we expect a gratuity, our mindsets and behavior can change and it will reflect poorly on not only you, as a driver, but DeliverThat as well. Approaching gratuity with humility is the best strategy to develop customer relationships and receive more in the future. We should continue to think of a tip as a voluntary gesture of thanks.

ezCater Tip Pools. ezCater is a tad bit different than every other tipping structure. ezCater clients pre-tip all of their deliveries. Not every restaurant requires tipping through the marketplace. Due to the number of ezCater deliveries without a gratuity, the tip pool was born to ensure our drivers receive fair compensation on all deliveries. The tips are pooled together and divided evenly between every driver who takes ezCater deliveries. This has been a successful model in paying drivers a high commission for every ezCater across the nation.

Gratuity Submissions. With some of our partners, submitting a picture of the receipt to Driver Relations is the method needed to take to ensure your gratuity is processed and added to your commission. All gratuity submissions should be submitted the same day, to ensure each is received and approved by DeliverThat and our partners. When submitting the request, be sure the correct order ID and dates are included. This will help the submission process run smoother. Gratuity will be a process we encounter daily. It is an added bonus and will help each driver weekly.

We want DeliverThat catering delivery drivers to earn as much commission and gratuity as possible every week. Following these tips and guidelines will help. Receiving a good tip all ties with good customer service skills. Be polite, professional and on time to boost the opportunity for gratuity. Deliver with a passion. DeliverThat.

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