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DeliverThat drives into Boston

Canton, Ohio (Feb. 3, 2020) – DeliverThat has announced the launch of its restaurant catering delivery service in the Boston area, marking the company’s 42nd metro location throughout the United States and Canada, and solidifying its place as the leading logistics firm for restaurant catering delivery. Boston also is DeliverThat’s first new market launch of 2020.

“Boston will be a great market for us and we came here based on requests from several nationally based restaurant partners,” said John Zinno, DeliverThat’s co-founder and chief people officer. “Boston was one of the last major cities on our targeted growth list and we are already seeing the potential here. Getting one of the biggest cities in the country under our belt is a huge piece of our long-term strategy.”

DeliverThat corporate was asked to launch in Boston based on requests from national chains Qdoba Mexican Eats and Bertucci’s, along with several regional brands, and is open to working with new restaurant concepts there looking for help with catering delivery.

“Our goal is to build on our operator partnerships by going into cities based on their requests for help while continuing to develop and foster new operator partnerships,” Zinno said. “Catering is now such an obvious piece of the operational puzzle for restaurants and we want to help both new and existing clients deliver the best service possible for their catering clients. Our drivers are well educated on individual brand standards, and we work diligently with them to ensure they know, understand and can deliver on each brand’s promise.”

DeliverThat was founded In 2013 by Zinno and company CEO Aaron Hoffman as a delivery service for college students. The two started the company out of their Ohio University dorm room with a simple Tweet and $60. In 2019, revenue topped $3 million and is projected to exceed that number in 2020. The next few cities on its growth roster include San Diego, Toronto and San Francisco.

“Once we have the next few cities up and running, our focus will turn to secondary markets as we grow and expand, and where we’re hearing our partners need our help. No one should have to turn down a restaurant catering order because they don’t have a delivery driver,” Zinno said. “As we’ve grown, it’s been a pleasure to see our client partners grow along with us and take advantage of what we have to offer and we look forward to what this year has in store.”

About DeliverThat

Founded in 2013 by Aaron Hoffman and John Zinno, DeliverThat is a national last-mile delivery service recognized as the industry leader in restaurant catering delivery and setup. DeliverThat’s network of professional drivers ensures that every delivery is fulfilled according to each individual restaurant’s standards. Committed to providing an efficient and effective catering delivery service, DeliverThat takes pride in seeking new and innovative ways to enhance the entirety of their delivery processes for drivers, restaurant partners, and end-user customers. DelivertThat is available in 40+ U.S. and Canadian metropolitan areas. For more information about DeliverThat, please visit ideliverthat.com. Connect with DeliverThat at facebook.com/deliverthat.

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