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Preventative Measures

1. Making the most of your day with DeliverThat is not only our goal for you, but it should be your goal as well! We have several tips and preventive measures to help prepare for your day and continue it with ease. Having all of your bases covered transitions into a smoother day for everyone. 2. Charge your phone. Charging your phone the night before you have a delivery is a great way to ensure each of you are ready to go for the next day. This enables quick access to Vromo and to your delivery information. If your phone is not charged, you may miss deliveries or important updates. Without a charged device, reaching out to the customer or the DeliverThat hotline, if an issue occurs, may not be plausible. 3. Communicate with the Hotline. When you are on a delivery and you experience any type of issue, the Hotline is there by your side. Call or text the dispatchers for assistance and they will gladly help you! Running late to the restaurant, waiting for the food, late to the drop-off, cannot find the customer’s location, the address was incorrect or food was forgotten; these are all perfect opportunities to call or text the hotline number and reach a dispatcher for assistance. Communication, communication and more communication will only make each drivers’ day run smoother. If the hotline team has a long hold or they are unreachable via phone, texting the team is the next best option. 4. Routing - know it! Perfect routes are music to our ears! It is possible. DeliverThat understands there are unforeseeable circumstances. In those incidents, we can definitely work around the issue. However, when everything is in order, knowing your route before the delivery and being aware of alternative routes is extremely helpful to the dispatch team when those unfortunate circumstances happen. Routing is important. Knowing how to stack your day also will help the dispatch team. If you have questions on what deliveries you can stack, referring back to communication, reach out to the team and they can certainly assist you! 5. Start your car beforehand. In the winter, it is cold! We can get freezing cold rain, snow, a lot of other wintery madness. With this weather, we all need to make adjustments to brave the winter wonderland and ensure our vehicles are purring. Starting your car and giving it time to warm up about 10 or 15 minutes before you have to leave will help the engine warm-up and prevent future car trouble. In addition, starting your car an hour early, to ensure it will start (if you’ve experienced trouble in the past) will allow you time to address car issues if they occur. It is OK to be overly prepared. The weather can definitely throw up some curveballs. Knowing when to bob and weave will help each of your days run like a well-oiled machine. Call DeliverThat, we are counting on it! We will deliver for you!

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