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Operator Spotlight: honeygrow

Born and bred out of Philadelphia, the honeygrow restaurant concept boasts 26 locations throughout the Northeast region. With a menu comprised of salads, stir-fry options, and a build-your-own fruit-based snack and dessert bar (called honeybar), the concept prides itself on intelligently sourced ingredients.

The company partnered with DeliverThat in June 2018 and continues to build on its partnership with both the company and its restaurant catering partner, ezCater.

Rebecca Ridgway, honeygrow’s catering strategist, said she found DeliverThat through ezDispatch, the delivery arm of ezCater that works to connect restaurants and caterers to third-party delivery services. She then met DeliverThat’s co-founder and CEO, Aaron Hoffman, at an ezCater event in Philadelphia.

Honeygrow’s first delivery using the service was on June 13, 2018, and it was a delivery that sparked the beginning of a true restaurant catering and delivery partnership.

The best thing about DeliverThat, Ridgway said, is how drivers go “above and beyond” to help the honeygrow team.

“They arrive early, make sure they are picking up the correct order and are friendly to our teams and guests while doing so,” she said. “It allows our team to focus on making amazing stir-fry, salads and honeybars. Having a delivery service that is strictly catering-focused and knowledgeable on catering delivery and set-up is why we love partnering with DeliverThat.”

DeliverThat is different from other third-party delivery companies because it is catering focused. Their delivery drivers also arrive to honeygrow restaurant locations “on-time, ready to help out and set up orders when arriving to the guest.”

“Catering is different and DeliverThat gets it,” Ridgway said. “The drivers make sure everything is provided when handing over a catering order. DeliverThat also requires a signature from our team before sending out the order with the driver.”

Ridgway also appreciates and values DeliverThat’s focus on driver education. Her favorite DeliverThat story involves being part of a new driver education session that took place at one of their restaurants.

“I was in one of our restaurants recently and saw the same DeliverThat driver that I’ve seen multiple times at our other locations, but this time they were educating a few drivers,” Ridgway said. “They recognized me, introduced me to their new drivers, and mentioned to me how DeliverThat focuses on education. Seeing the lead driver explain to the new drivers on how to view the order, what to provide and when, even explaining how our packaging works, put a smile on my face!”

honeygrow catering delivery

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